Top 3 Motion Detection Cameras


Searching for a motion detection camera for property protection? Home invasions and trespassing have become a growing problem in many areas. Motion detection cameras can be a real asset to protecting the things you love most. Below is a list of the top 3 motion detection cameras to consider before deciding on a purchase.

Indoor Vs Outdoor:

One thing to consider is what type of motion detection camera is best suited for your home. Do you need one inside to survey the safety of children at play with a new babysitter? Or do you need a camera that will protect the outside of your home? Maybe the area you live in has become questionable in terms of safety. Whatever the situation, decide on what type of camera you need first. Not all motion detection cameras are created equal. Some perform better outside while others operate better inside.

Security Features:

Important features you want to look for in a high-end security camera are things like:

  • Motion Detection
  • Field of View
  • Sound
  • Resolution
  • WiFi Capability
  • Night Vision
  • Movement

Probably the most important feature you need in a security camera is motion detection. The camera will be able to alert you when it catches something moving in its field of view. Also, the wider field of view the camera has, the more of your home is covered in terms of protection. People can easily hide in blind spots so the less of them you have, the safer you will be.

Another thing to consider is do you want a camera that captures sound? Not all cameras provide this although many companies are starting to include this feature. After deciding on whether or not you want sound, you should take moment to find out the camera’s resolution. If picture quality is fuzzy, you won’t be able to make out a trespasser’s physical features nor a license plate.

Other features to consider, like WiFi, will allow you to setup multiple cameras. If using just one, the camera can communicate with your computer. This will allow you to receive alerts when something suspicious is detected. Night vision picks up on movement in the dark when there is no light or very little. Of course none of this matters if the camera isn’t able to move around easily or at all.



The RCL-411WS model offers 4 megapixels Super HD resolution and WiFi capability. It also has a built in 16G micro SD card, and motion detection alerts. The camera also gives you the ability to create motion detection zones as well as adjust the sensitivity off. Save or upload your saved images to an FTP server for safe storage.



If you’re looking for excellence, the Arlo Q 1080p HD model offers instant alerts to your smartphone and cloud storage. It even has a built in mic for capturing sound. The field of view covers up to 130 degrees and even comes equipped with night vision. The camera itself is A/C powered so you will never have to worry about batteries running out of power.



For something more environmentally attuned, the All-in-One model from Canary is packed with features you won’t find anywhere else. You can see and hear almost everything in real time with the 1080p HD camera. Field of view has a span of 147 degrees as well as motion activated recording, siren, and fast access to the authorities if need be. What sets this camera apart from the other high-end models is its ability to sense environmental things. These include air quality, humidity levels, and temperature. Safeguard your health and your home with this awesome product from Canary!

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