Top Home Security Devices for New Homes


We are living in the 21 century where crime is at a whole new level and so is home security measures. There is a saying that “crime never sleeps”. Well and so does technology. In the furiously fast advancing technology, criminals are becoming more sophisticated by the day learning new and more effective ways of fighting security measure at all level. On the same page, technology is moving faster to ensure that crime is at the lowest. Today. we can proudly say that technology is having an upper hand in ensuring the availability of top most home security devices for new homes is more effective than ever before. Let’s have a look at the top home security devices for a new home in 2017.

Home security cameras:

Home security cameras

Security cameras are currently a necessity for every new smart home. Smart Security Camera reduces insecurity drastically. This is because when criminals learn that a residence has security camera the chances of being spotted before they make it to the door are high and the alarms will be up. It should be noted that not all security cameras are the best, one should not which one are being installed since the video quality and storage matters.

Smart security mobile app:

Smart security mobile app

Almost Everyone has a mobile phone today. One of the top security devices has become the mobile phone where one can connect all the home security alarm and cameras remotely to your mobile phone app. In case of insecurity, treat app transmits a live feed to your mobile phone app helping one alert the authority anytime anywhere.

Smoke /Carbon monoxide detector:

Smoke /Carbon monoxide detector

Well, insecurity is not necessary a factor caused by criminals but by us or even our own children. Fire is a higher threat of insecurity in home and one needs prompt alert systems to notify us when the house is insecure form a fire or from flooding. This may because by children at home playing with a lighter. A smoke/ carbon monoxide detector should alert you online or on your smartphone/remotely and also alert the fire department and any relevant authority.

Motion Sensor and Alarm:

Motion Sensor and Alarm

When having a rather wide premise, motion sensors and alarms come in handy. Motion sensors can be situated anywhere around the compound and they can help detect any unwanted movement on the premises. Once any unwanted movement is sensed, alarms go on and alert you or the relevant authority

Window and door lock sensors:

Window and door lock sensors

Similar to the motion sensors the windows and door sensor work in a way that they can sense, where one is trying to access them without the necessary clearance or permission. The alarm will sound ounce activated by any intentional breaking and alert you or the authority.

Wireless-Hidden cameras:

Wireless Clock with Hidden Camera

This is proving to be more effective than any other security measure. It is also making hard for any intending criminal from engaging given that, with hidden-wireless cameras, it is practical hard for any criminal to establish a blind spot in a home/ premises unlike when there are visible security cameras with cables traceable from afar.

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